Sunday, 23 November 2014


In winter I sleep and  
that’s what I do. 
The same thing every day. 
It goes like this: 
sleeping eating,
sleeping eating,
sleeping eating 
It’s pretty boring. 

In summer, I get active and
that’s what I do.
The same thing every day.  
It goes like this:
Wake up, eat, work
Wake up, eat, work
Wake up, eat, work
Saving food for the winter.
I'm a mouse and that’s what I do.

Monday, 3 November 2014

picnic explanation

Ready steady go! You know this sound don't you - when the race begins. Do you remember your experiences of games and races at school picnics? Well that's why we're here. We have combined people’s memories of school picnics now and in the past, and used these to create our own school picnic. 

Mr Pauling remembers playing football and cricket at picnics. From this example we have decided to play games at our picnic. The games that we are playing is egg and spoon race, sack races, 2 legged race and skipping rope contest. We decided this because it's a tradition to do at picnics. We wonder if people will still play these games in the future because there are always new games being created. 

When we interviewed Miss Horner , she told us about a memory she had of going to a community picnic. They all sat together and ate food like sandwiches, oranges, fairy bread and old fashioned lemonade.
At our our picnic we have a food stall with food like drinks, crackers and cheese, sushi, fruit, sandwich,club sandwiches, fairy bread and homemade lemonade wonder if food like ours will still be a tradition in picnics in the future.

When Mrs Pageot was little she used to go to the school picnic at Ashley Groynes every year . One year she was double dutch skipping. A girl in front of her started to run so she decided the she would go too. And then the girl in front of her suddenly stopped but it was too late. Mrs Pageot ran into the girl, her cheekbone hit the back of the girl’s head and she had a big lump on her face for days.   We have decided to do our games on the grass so that we people don't get hurt if they fall over.  Maybe people will like this and so have future school picnics on the grass from their experience at our picnic.

At the beginning we had no idea what oral history or back stories were,  but as we went step by step on our project we began to understand what backstories meant. When we started to do  interviews we had no idea what to do but it was helpful having Ava on the team because she has done this before. When we started to interview some people we got the hang of it. Our turning point was when Claire came in to talk about our ideas. Our understanding about backstories has changed a lot because we have researched and interviewed. We feel good about our end product because it shows what we learnt.

 Writen by Kala, Ava and Jamie. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Discovery time

I have been doing book art, and learning to try new things and use creative thinking.  I'm going well becouse today I tried new things and I and did some creative stuff in my art. I looked at ather people's art and added my own ideas in it.
Some  times there aren't any activities that uses this key competency
but I think about how I can use the key competency anyway.  It has surprised me that I can achieved the goal " trying new things ". Normally I do same thing over and over every week, but this week I tried new things I have never done before. 
What advice would I give myself? Not to say I'm bad. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lost in farmers

 Guys... Do you like shopping with your parents? 

  I do,but don't you just hate it  when your parents just walk off and do their own thing. You say " Can I go somewhere else?" but you get lost.You start to think of horrible things like what happens if I never find my parents ever again?

Well take a deep breath and calm yourself. It's not hard is it?

 Which reminds me of this day. I was in Dunedin  trying to have a delightful time with my Dad. I was so lucky that dad wanted a new shirt  for his work, that meant we were going shopping! I sprinted through the car park, I didn't hear Dad saying, " it's dangerous " I just love shopping. when someone says shopping what  pops up in my head is toys, toys and toys.

 But it was different  this time. I thought  that he would buy me something like he normally does. But I was wrong. Every time I asked him to buy something he said no ,no and no!

 When we got to farmers I saw this mannequin  with a wonderful dress, it had a big red dot on it. I went in to my own world, into a daydream. I was in a fashion show watching ladies  walk. I was in this perfect world until dad said, 
" What are you doing, hurry up. I said, " Come on don't spoil my day!" I didn't want toys any more I wanted to stay with the mannequin . 

As soon as I caught up to Dad, the first thing I said was, " Can I stay here with the mannequin?" Dad said ," Yes, i will be there ok" as he pointed. I said, "Yes", but I didn't listen to what he said. I was back in my own world, pretending to be one of the models.  But my day dream suddenly finished. Everyone who was rushing past looked at me like, “what is that girl doing”? she is on the stage with the mannequins. My face turned as red as a rose. I decided to find Dad. I tried to think of what he said before, but I couldn't of course. I wasn't listening, “how would I”?. Drops of tears ran down my cheek. But I had no time to think. Anger went through my body trying to control me. And my evil side started to say, " It's Dads fault not mine." I didn't care if people were listening, I just didn't care. but in my head I know it was just  to make me feel better. I tried to find Dad but I couldn't .
 I wanted to punch and kick the mannequin into pieces. It's all mannequins  fault,  it wasn't Dads any more.

Suddenly a light bulb popped up in my head . I had an idea.  Let's get this into action.  But before that a kind shop keeper came and  asked is anything wrong?. Then My Dad's head popped out of the menswear section. I ran down to him. That day, the day that I thought  would be the best day turned out to be the worst. In the end I found out that he was buying a tie too. That  cheeky, sneaky Dad.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


There are many elements of art (sketching ) which can be connected in my art I used a lot of elements. My art is 3 ducks and bees.  They are all different.  Now I'm going to show you what elements I linked with visual art.

Visual art & colour go together. Colour is important becouse if the art didn't have any colour it would make the art sad. Also colour lets people know the emotion of the art. For example dark clolours show that the art makes you sad or down.  If you use lighter colours it makes you feel happy and excited.  In my art I used bright colour.

Visual art & texture link together because if art dosn't have texture people will lose interest to it.  They wouldn't like the art so much without texture.  Texture also hase a job to make the art stand out.  In my art it dosn't have a lot texture in it but by putting some flowers in it made it more interesting.

Visual art & line goes together becouse many arts often use line, and if you didn't have any line people won't now what the art is. Line also lets people know were is the end. For my art I used line to let people now that each duck  is diffrent.

Visual art & 3D shape is related because 3D makes the art stand out, and 3D makes the art interesting, and people will want to see more of it. My art has a bit of 3D art in it.

Visual art & scale is connected because even if you are sketching scale is important it helps the art balance well. My art has a lot of balance in it because 1 is in the middle, and 2&3 is on top.

In summary, the elements of visual art is connected to my sketch so that I have a high quality art work, because I want people to now that art is fun, and if you try hard and have a high quality art work that any one can be good at art. For example I used balance for my art so that their is a lot going on and people won't get bored looking at it.  I feel good about my art. I made it a high quality art work. My next step is to use more elements so visual art in my sketch.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

winter Candy Public

 I pushed open the gate .I rumbled down the street.   I bumped into a girl as she dashed past fast as she could.  When  she got five metres away from me she started to drop her pace. She had long straight light brown hair with a little bit of yellow, which she tied loosely  and every time she moved her hair swayed. 

As I tiptoed a step towards  her she moved as well like she had eyes at the back of her head.
She turned around and I noticed that she wanted  to get rid  of me as quickly as she could.  She wore a long purple skirt  with blue and white  dot on it.   On top she wore a yellow green top.  

I grinned at her but she didn't smile.   She stayed with the same facial expression.   I walked over to her.  I wanted to ask her a question.   I crept  behind her until my mum shouted across the street calling  my name.   My cheeks  were painted red.   I rushed back to home as quickly  as I could across the street. 

When I went to bed I was still thinking about her.  I snuck  out of my bedroom,  I knew I was doing something wrong but I opened the door in  an unpleasant  way.   I stepped outside then I heard the creek  of the door behind me.  She was terrified of me .  I  started talking , I asked her name.  Her name was winter Candy Public she said.  She didn't like the name.  Once I started talking about myself she new I wasn't a .
monster that would kill her.  She had an American accent but I understood every word she said.  Her talent was sports and cooking.  She lived in a log house down the street and she didn't have a mother or father.   She said she didn't like school because she got  bullied.  I said "can I be friends with you? "  
She said "ok "
I felt  happy

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The rain

Don't say that the sun hasn't come up yet . Outside the sun is hiding in the cloud watching , Don't want to come out to make everyone happy.
Don't say rain is drizzling down from the sky when the cloud drinks the water and its spill down like a shower to my shoulder .
I can hear the rain splashing on ground. I can hear the footsteps in the peaceful sound.
I can feel the grass is feeling happy by the drips of rain
People chatter inside, playing boardgame.